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A dollar a day can provide a child in Africa with life's basic needs — education, shelter, health care, and nutritious food. Help us help them

Project Awaiting Implementation
Project Heading:  Education
  Equipment of designated Universities in Africa With Computers, Laboratory Equipment, Science related Instruments and learning aids.
Total Budget: USD30, 000,000.00
Project Funding Source: Japanese Government
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Homeless Kenyans Face Grim Return
AFTER spending the past four months in a tent in a camp for the homeless, Mary Wambui, a Kenyan mother of five, jumped at the chance to return home. “Life here is so miserable....more
Move To Resettle Displaced People In Kenya
AUTHORITIES in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province have begun a final push to resettle the remaining 140,000 people made homeless in post-poll violence....more
Unity Cabinet Costs Kenya More
The new Kenya cabinet is the largest in the history of post-independence Kenya and it will come at a huge financial cost....more
UK Plans To Host Darfur Peace Talks
LONDON could host Darfur peace talks under proposals being put forward by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown....more
Darfur Women Still Face Rape Risk
WOMEN and girl s in Darfur are still subjected to widespread rape and sexual assault five years after the start of the conflict, Human Rights Watch has reveled....more
Women Face Bias Worldwide – UN
Women are discriminated against in almost every country around the world, a UN-commissioned report has said....more
Evacuation of Liberian Refugees Begins April 14... 27,000 TO GO HOME
All 26,967 Liberian refugees resident in the country are to be repatriated to Liberia by the Government of Ghana for them to rebuild their country....more
Halt Deportation of Liberians - UNHCR
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today urged Ghana to cease with any further forcible removals after the West African nation deported 16 Liberians...more
Food Aid Hard To Get To Darfur
It has become increasingly difficult to supply food aid to Darfur because of the worsening security situation, according to the World Food Programme....more
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